As a Speech Pathologist there are many areas I am qualified to address. I have worked with all aspects of therapy throughout my career and across the lifespan. The greatest gift we are given is the gift to connect with others and express our rich inner lives. Everyone has a rich inner life to share with the world and everyone can learn. It is my goal to give my clients quality, evidenced-based therapy to connect with those around them. 

I specialize in working with complex communicators, neurodivergent individuals, alternative communicators, persons who stutter, and early learners. I have participated in many courses on the topics of AAC, Autism, Executive Functioning, and fluency treatment. I use a combination of play based, social competency objectives, and core learning with my clients. I have fun in therapy and so should you! 

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Early Intervention

Family-Centered therapy provided privately or through Louisiana Early Steps in the home or our clinic

Social Language

Naturalistic treatment for improving interactions with others and self advocacy skills to promote independence

Play Based

Provided in home, community, or clinic with a strong focus on 

expanding communication and connecting with others.

Female teacher using colorful toys durin


We focus on teaching good communication habits with family members, increasing fluent speech, and learning about stuttering.


Tailored to Early Communicators, Complex Communicators, Limited and Non-Verbal Communicators

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After completing a comprehensive assessment, using research based techniques, I strive to make therapy fun!

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Expressive Language

Individualized treatment for disorganized, delayed, or limited ability to express thoughts, needs, and ideas

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Utilizing language based intervention to improve phonics, decoding, and comprehension with SMARTER intervention.

Contact Information

Located in Thatcher Place:

309 Goode St. 

Suite 2E-1

Houma, LA 

Telephone: 985-205-3531


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