Social Communication

Communication is inherently social. It is the ability to share what you feel or want to say and also the ability to understand and respond to what others are saying and feeling. Individuals with Social Communication challenges often have difficulty responding to others, using gestures, staying on topic, and keeping or making friends. These challenges may come from an overall language challenge/disorder in the social context specifically and is most commonly associated with Autism, ADHD, or similar neurodivergent differences that affect expressive language.


We as parents, educators, family members, or caregivers often find it difficult to view behaviors as communication, but it is my mission to spread awareness that all behavior is a form of communication. In some cases, the behaviors we see (ex. hitting, screaming, flapping) are a persons  only form of communication at a given point in time. I am passionate about working with you and your family to understand what your child or loved one is "saying".


Some of the objectives I believe to be the most important when working on Social Communication are centered around self-advocacy and self determination. Everyone deserves to be heard and we can find a way to give your loved one the tools to be heard and family members the tools to understand. 

ASHA outlines social communication development in a handy chart that can be found here

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