Service Model

At Look Who's Talking I will provide a warm and welcoming environment to improve learning, growing, connecting, and communicating with the world around you.

I believe in finding what works best for the families I serve whether that be in the clinic, in your home, or in the community. 


Sessions are provided at our clinic for all areas of therapy. I have a small family friendly office with a private therapy room. In addition, there is a space for outdoor play with small children or individuals with sensory needs that prefer open air spaces. Our waiting area has a comfy seating area with complementary coffee and play nook for siblings. 


There may be situations where therapy is best suited to being in the comfort of your own home. Research supports the use of in home services with Early Intervention and during generalization for many individuals. Working in your home provides the unique experience for you to learn ways to model enhanced communication with your young child. 


Just as therapy is done in your home it is also possible for community based services during the course of therapy. Individuals using AAC systems, working on generalization of skills, or practicing communication within their community are found to benefit significantly from community based services. 

Contact Information

Located in Thatcher Place:

309 Goode St. 

Suite 2E-1

Houma, LA 

Telephone: 985-205-3531


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