Play Based Therapy

Play Based Speech Therapy is when activities are tailored to promote communication through play activities with children.  It is geared toward creating opportunities to practice target skills while enjoying motivating toys or activities that are relevant to the child's interests.


The benefits of using Play Based Therapy are: 

  • Children are motivated to engage and communicate while playing with toys/activities of interest

  • Helps to increase attention in the child and building more positive interactions

  • Helps to learn social skills used in playing with peers and making progress on communication goals in a more naturalistic setting

  • The child can make better connections with real-life events and can improve memory.

There are many types of Play that can be used in therapy sessions such as functional play, construction play, game play, movement play, and pretend play. These different types of play can be applied to every stage of play with children from Stage 1 (onlooker play) to Stage 5 (cooperative play). 

The most important part of Play Based Therapy is being flexible in letting the child take the lead on which activities they want to do. There are many ways to use the same toy/activity to target different skills and it is my job to find what works for your child!

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