Augmentative Alternative Communication

AAC stands for Augmentative Alternative Communication and includes a very wide range of systems and devices to assist those with limited, complex, or no verbal communication. 

There are many different forms of AAC that can be used to enhance communication for those with speech that is difficult to understand, disorganized, echolalic, or with a limited vocabulary. Research proves that the use of AAC does not stop a person from developing verbal speech but is found to promote an increase in verbal communication. 

I have been working with individuals utilizing AAC systems for over 11 years and have attended numerous workshops, conferences, and continuing education courses that focus on the development, assessment, and use of many different communication systems. 

I have attended and conducted trainings in the use of Core Vocabulary and communication apps such as Proloquo2Go. Core vocabulary can be used in a variety of low tech systems such as core boards, sign language, pictures, and eye gaze systems. It can also be used in high tech systems such as an iPad app, computerized eye gaze systems, or interactive dynamic display devices. 

AAC systems are most effective when used across all settings, throughout the day, and in numerous community interactions. It really does take a village to raise a child and using an AAC system is no different. AAC can help to connect and share with the world around you when your voice is not always heard. 

I would love to chat with you more about if using AAC is something you or your child could benefit from. 

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